My goal is to become the go-to agent for you, your friends, and your family. Let me share who I am, and why you’ll never need another REALTOR® again. We could work together a long time, so feel free to ask questions.

Prior to real estate I have been working in professional sales in Victoria since 2012 after graduation from VIU with a BBA in Marketing. I’ve operated two businesses, managed teams of salespeople, and worked in a variety of industries: real estate, menswear, cars, construction, and wine. Real estate has been the perfect fit as my long-term career because it allows me to challenge myself. I wake up early with the constant drive to learn more, forge better relationships, become more involved in our city, to love more, and live more!

Presently, I’m thankful for my health, engaging career, loving wife, and that I live in such a beautiful city. But it wasn’t always that way… The most impactful event on my life has been moving to Grande Prairie after high school. Soon I was to be delivering pizzas, eating nothing but pizza, and generally not looking after myself. Within a year I had swelled up to 215 pounds (roughly, I was unmotivated to keep track), was depressed, and had no savings. I made a life change to move back to my home town of Nanaimo, attend university, and regain my physical and emotional health. I was exercising every day, working nights and taking on a full course load to graduate early (and with honours). Recovering from this hardship has made me the person I am today, and I’m glad to have a wake-up call so early in life.

Now I take the time for self care, exercise, and eating well – and supporting my friends to do the same. I love to play board games, rock climb, travel, and dance. A favorite game of mine is Warmachine and I will be competing in Belgium for the world team championships as captain. Italy, Greece, and Portugal are on my to-do list for the next couple of years, preferably escaping the rain this December! Rock Climbing is another challenging hobby that my wife and I share and be both enjoy how it’s a competition with our past selves, and not each other.

Let’s Work Together