I live in Vic West in the Dockside Green buildings, and I think Victoria is the nicest city in the world. I’m a born and raised in Nanaimo, where I attended Vancouver Island University and earned my BBA in Marketing. My entire adult work history has been in professional sales and management/entrepreneurship. I love building a relationship with clients for a complete personal sales experience. Fulfilling all my clients needs has always been rewarding, but my goal is to earn your business forever and to be recommended by all your friends. For a two years I operated a house painting business which resulted in my obsession with houses. Combining my two greatest interests and strengths has lead to an exciting career as a Realtor®!

Exploring the world is one of my primary motivations and rewards for another year of hard work. So far I’ve seen most of North America, the Caribbean and Europe – almost always backpacking or living with the locals. I’ve painted a chicken castle in Normandy, put out a house fire in Bulgaria, and been hospitalized in Cuba. Hopefully the next trip to Italy and Greece is simpler, filled with good food and friends instead of fires. And every time I travel I return to Victoria a little more appreciative about our wonderful mix of nature, city, lifestyle, and food.

Travel has made me recognize how important our local community is. On a regular basis I try to contribute something small like donating blood or volunteering in the setup choral concerts (you don’t want e singing). My wife and I foster cats with the Cat’s Cradle, a great non profit organization for finding homes for rehabilitated kitties that were distressed or abandoned. I work as the CMO for The Virtual Consultant, an local affordable consulting option for non-profits and businesses across Canada. As a Victoria Chamber of Commerce member I also stay connected to local businesses and events that affect our city. I’m always interested in other ways to get involved, so if you have a good cause in our community please let me know!

Let’s Work Together